Monday, March 12, 2012

Arizona Festivals

For Student Blogging Challenge #2, I'm going to tell about the festivals in our area. I know of one of them and my friend, Serena, will help write the other two because she has been to them.
(I think) Red Baron & me 

1. Japanese Matsuri Festival 
We got to see the drums, and there was lots of food. People were dressed up in anime costumes or traditional Japanese clothes.

2. Lost Dutchman Rodeo Days
There are so many people, and horses. There is bronc riding and barrel racing. The food is amazing, and the music is great!

3. Renaissance Festival
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The Renaissance Festival shows you what it was like to live in Medieval  times. There are people dressed in costumes and interacting with you. There are people running around interacting with you like you are one of them. They have giant turkey legs too!

If you were visiting us, which festival sounds the most interesting to you?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

About Me

For Student Blogging Challenge #1, I want to update my About Me page and change one of the pictures. I want to take off the picture of me with the star fish. Which picture should I put there instead?

1. Here I am with a nice smile.
"A nice smile."

2. I'm being goofy. I put my shin guards on my head and pretended they were ears.
"Goofy me."

3. A picture of me playing soccer.
"Soccer me."

4. I love drawing and art.
"Artist me."

Please vote to tell me which one you think I should use:

What do you like on About Me pages?