Sunday, January 6, 2013

Towers for Fun

This is my castle. It's a tower made out of things in my room. You can use metal, books, cups, wood, trophies, or you can try other materials.

You can make a tall tower, a short tower, a fat tower, a skinny tower, a colorful tower, a plain tower, or any type of tower.

If you make one, take a picture and show it to me.

Have you ever made a tall tower?
Have you made a short tower?
Have you made a fat, skinny, or colorful tower?


  1. nice did you make by your self

  2. Hi Em my name is Jonathan and I am in Mr. Miller's class.I like your tower.Did you do that yourself?If you did, that is amazing.I build towers and castles in Minecraft.I started a new one.I have to get going,but I will talk with you again.Bye.

    If you want to visit my blog,here is the link to it:


    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I made that tower by myself.

      I really want a Minecraft account because my brother and my dad have one. You can make things out of sand or dirt, wood, and stone. Have you ever killed a Creeper?


  3. Hi Em, we are from a school in Auckland. Your tower looks as tall as a mountain! We have made towers before too. It is lots of fun. From Room 21.

  4. Hi Room 21,

    I have moved my blog to

    Please come visit me at my new blog.


  5. Hi! I'm not actually from your school but I decided to look at your blog. It's amazing! Keep up the good work Em! And also I have made a tower. It was tall, some parts were short,colourful and plain in different parts and it was REALLY fat!!!

  6. You an american? I'm from Canada!!!!!

  7. Wow that is a neat looking tower!
    Very impressive.
    Since you like writing blogs and being on the computer, have you ever heard of Webkinz? I think you would really like my fan site, check it out sometime -
    You can win free prizes and more.


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