Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Hero Project

The person I chose for my hero biography project was Martin Luther King Junior.
Free to use from commons

He stands for human rights and equality.

Some people were afraid and didn't like it so they started fighting. Police men and some firemen used their hoses to spray the people to try to catch some people and arrest them and put them in jail.

Martin Luther King Junior made a big difference to help people see people for more than their skin color. Back then there were separate water fountains, bathrooms, doors, buses, stores, schools, libraries, and restaurants.

Martin Luther King Junior had a dream that blacks and whites will be friends with each other. He shared that dream in lots of speeches.

I think he's a hero because he made lots of changes even though it was scary. Today would be really different without him. I wouldn't go to school with a lot of the kids I go to school with because of different skin colors. My mom and dad probably wouldn't have gotten married since they have different skin colors too. So it would be different in the world without Martin Luther King Junior.

Do you think he's a hero? 
What makes him a hero?

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