Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday is next month, but this year I don't want any gifts. I am going to raise $1000 for the Dircio Rivera family and maybe some others too in Mexico. I am raising money for them because they don't have that much money to make a home, so the money I raise will help them to have a house.

I will need your help. You can help by donating or letting others know about it.
Me helping build a house in Mexico

Have you ever needed help?

Have you ever helped someone else?


  1. G'day Em,
    I tried to give a donation online but they wouldn't accept a state in Australia nor a zip code with only 4 characters.

    But what a great idea for a birthday.

  2. Hello Em,
    I'm so impressed that you are thinking about this when you are so young. Bravo! If you keep this attitude you'll probably grow up to do a lot of good in the world.
    Greetings from Canada,
    Mrs. Theriault
    All Things Quebec

  3. I really admire your work in this area. How did you get the idea?

  4. Hi,Em
    I really like your blog you share your opinion. I guess then that's why you were nominated best. I agree with you that we can make a change. You are determined to make a change.
    Izza Haq
    4th grade
    American international school- Riyadh Saudi. Araibia
    Take a look at my blog:


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