Thursday, September 15, 2011

Em's Little Bird Tale

Click on the picture or the link to hear the story.

My Little Bird Tale

I made the pictures and the story. 
It's fun. 
I found out birds eat seeds. I thought they just ate worms.

Have you made a Little Bird Tale? 
Do you know information about birds?


  1. Hi em,
    That is a very good video and that is some key information that you have to know about birds so well done on learning that and sharing it with the world! I do know information about birds lay eggs and other things like that. You have an incredible blog for your age! Keeep Blogging. Keep it up!
    (this comment os part of the student blogging challenge 2011 - activity 5)

  2. Hi Crazybeautifulchaos,

    Thanks! I had fun making it. Have you made a Storybird before? I think you should. I did almost the whole thing on my own. I only needed a little help.


  3. Hi Nattyrose,

    Thanks! I knew birds had eggs and nests. We once had a next in our yard in a tree by the pool. We had another one with eggs in it on the ground. It was under the lawnmower. When we moved it, we found the eggs in a little hole in the ground. The mommy never came back for her eggs. It was sad. But we wonder if it was bird's eggs or maybe another animal. What else has eggs?


  4. Hello Em!

    Lizards, platypuses and echindas also lay eggs.

    And dinosaurs are bird-like so they laid eggs too.

  5. Dear Ms. Dupont,
    I like looking for lizards. There are lots of them here. I don't know what platypuses or echidnas are. What do they look like? Dinosaurs died a long time ago. That was funny.


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