Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tarantulas, Eights, and Student Challenge #5

For the Student Blogging Challenge #5, I am writing about math in the real world. I am writing about the number eight. 
I made this on Pages with my mommy's help.

What else comes in eights?
Do you have eight fun facts to share about tarantulas or anything else?


  1. Hello Em!
    I'm Kristina from Ukraine. Your post is very interesting! Tarantulas look scary, we don't have such big spiders here but some people buy them at the pet market and keep them as pets.

    I have got one eight fact: I'm eight years old now!

    Scorpions also have eight legs.

    I wrote a post about maths too, have a look!

    Good luck,

  2. Lay the 8 number down and it means infinity (in mathematics and in life)... Eight is also, my favorite number. squiggly

  3. Hi Em! Your blog is awesome! That tarantula is very big. We don't have tarantulas where I live. But we have other bugs. I think this is a good post for math. I made a poll for my blog. It is about whether you are right handed or left handed. Please come visit my blog and leave a comment!


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