Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Em's Glogster Hearts

I made this on Glogster today, on Tuesday. I like it. Do you? 

Which heart is your favorite?


  1. Hi Em,
    My name is Teegan. I am going to help you with the blogging challenge. I will comment on your blog and give you tips about blogging!

    Great Glogster! Did you like making it?

    Oh I forgot visit my blog for Ideas and tips!

  2. Hi Teegan,

    Yes, I liked making it. I have asked to make another one, but my parents said it was my bed time. I hope they let me soon.

    I visited your blog. You sound nice.


  3. Cute poster Emma! My favorite heart would have to be... the one with all of the lines coming off of it. It's cool.

  4. To Carissa,

    Thanks for commenting on my poster. I like that one too, but my favorite is at the top (left) corner. I love that one because it looks like it has a crown.



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