Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obon Festival

Hi, I went to Obon. I liked the dance. I liked to be on the stage. It was cool. Miss Lisa put me on the stage because it was her turn to sing. Miss Lisa taught me the dances. She told me to watch the other people. 

Thank you, Miss Lisa for teaching me Odori dancing. I had the best time!

Your friend,


  1. Em this wonderful! I am a friend of your mom's and my daughters are way big and blog too. I enjoy reading their blogs because then when they are gone I still know what they do.

  2. Em this wonderful. I am a friend of your mom's, Lydia, my girls blog but they are way older. I love to read their blogs too so I can see what they are doing with words. I can also see my grandboys and that is cool too.

  3. Dear Mrs. Henry,
    Thank you for commenting on my site. I hope your daughters share what they are doing.


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