Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tide Pools

I love going to the beach. I love the tide pools because you can find sand dollars in there. I found two whole sand dollars and pieces of others. The ones I kept were already dead, and found an alive one. The alive one is green. When they are dead, they are white or grey. Star fish and snails eat the sand dollars.
Have you ever found sand dollars at the beach?

What do you like to do at the beach?

I wrote this post for the Student Blogging Challenge #2.

I updated the post with a Creative Commons Image from Compfight for Student Blogging Challenge #4.

The beach at high tide. When it's low tide, there are lots of tide pools!
My sand dollars.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: sarowen via Compfight


  1. Hi Em,
    My name is Larkin. I live in the Bay Area (in California). We here do you live. I saw that you were the youngest student in the student blogging challenge. How does it feel to be the youngest student in the challenge. How long have you had a blog? I am 14 years old. I can't imagine having a blog at your age.


  2. Mrs. Krebs in IowaMarch 31, 2013 at 1:16 PM

    Dear Em,
    It was nice seeing your sand dollars in person, kind of, and on your blog post. I thought it was interesting that Mrs. Humbree (I think it was Mrs. Humbree) said their sand dollars are all round. (Maybe like in your cc image above.)

    I saw sand dollars on the beach in Florida when I went there on vacation. I can't remember if they were circular or had indents like yours do.

    I guess I used to think the flat all round sand dollars were just immature. When they got older I thought they got indents. Now I have some studying to do, as I have more questions.

    I'm glad to see you are still blogging, and you are part of the blogging challenge again too. Good job!


    Mrs. Krebs

  3. To Larkin,

    I live close to Phoenix, Arizona. It feels really cool to be the youngest in the challenge. I've had my blog for two years.

    I got a blog because I saw other people's blogs and I felt left out, so I said, "Mom, I want a blog!" So, I got one.

    Goodbye hope to see you blogging soon,

  4. Hi Mrs. Krebs,

    It was nice to see you. I found out there are other kinds of sand dollars. Some are round, some are like mine, some have different holes, and some are funny looking. I know one rule, do not drop them because they will break. They are fragile.

    They are also hard to look for.
    #1 You can find them by rocks.
    #2 You can find them in holes.
    #3 You can find them in the ocean, in the tide pools.
    #4 You can find them in sand where it is really soft.


  5. Mrs. Krebs in IowaApril 12, 2013 at 4:37 AM

    Thanks for doing the research. I love the link you left that shows each kind of star fish with a photo. I think when I was in Florida, I saw some sea biscuits. (Maybe only in the gift shop. I don't know if I really saw them out in the ocean.)

    Have you ever read the legend of the sand dollar? Here is a website that has several versions of it:

    My grandfather had the first version typed up onto a piece of paper in a box with arrowhead sand dollars. I thought it was neat to find all the parts of the sand dollar that told part of the story of Jesus.

    Thanks again for writing back,
    Mrs. Krebs

  6. Hey Em,
    I like going to the beach too. When I was younger, I found a starfish. I named the starfish George because I found him at St. George Island. Unfortunately George was still alive so I put him back in the water. I was sad when I put George back in the water but I realized that I helped him because I put him back in the water for he could live.

    Sea horses are my favorite sea animal. What is yours?


    Visit my blog@


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