Friday, April 12, 2013

My Interesting and Favorite Posts

For the Student Blogging Challenge #5, I am preparing for a commenting game that Miss W will have us play in the future. I get to pick the most interesting (or my favorite) posts. I had a hard time naming just four, so I picked six. Here they are:

Miss and me

Here are some others of my favorites:

What do you think is my most interesting post?

What makes it interesting?


  1. Hey Em,

    I love your blog. My favorite post that you have done is the about me. There are so many things that make it so interesting. The thing that I think is the most interesting is that it is nice to learn interesting things about you because I do not know much about you.

    Visit my blog @

    What is your favorite movie?

    Have you seen the movie Reck It Ralph?

    If you have, who is your favorite character?


  2. The tarantulas would probly make me go bonkers.What was the biggest tarantula you have seen?

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  4. I really like your blog , it is so enriched , and i agree with "ABBYHK " i think that the post "about me " is the most interesting post because it represent you and it let us now more about you ;) keep it up
    this is the link of my blog , take a look and leave comment ;) thank you :)

  5. To Abby,

    My favorite character in Wreck It Ralph is Wreck It Ralph because he was a nice guy. I like when the part when he became friends with the girl. I like it when he was trying to save the world and he did, and I like that part.

    Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite part?


  6. To Jack,

    The biggest tarantula I've seen is the one in our back yard. It was as big as my whole hand. Have you ever seen a tarantula? Do tarantulas live where you are?

    Do you have a blog?


  7. Dear Wiem,

    Thanks for saying that. It really me feel great.

    I went to your blog too and it looked grown up. Are you a grown up or are you a teenager or a kid?


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  9. Em,

    I am very impressed with your blog. I love all of the varied posts you put up. There is something interesting for everyone to read. I think I like the tarantula one the best. It is probably because I can relate to them since I live in the same environment as them. I got some really great pictures of a tarantula at school about two months ago. I will have to share them with you when I see you next.

    Would you mind if I included your site on my blog roll? I think it would be great to show my students when school starts in August. I hope you have a great summer. Does your family have any wonderful traveling plans?

    Mrs. Fraher

  10. To Mrs. Fraher,
    You can put my blog on your blog. I like tarantulas. I am going to New York and California. I am a excited to go to New York and California. I will visit my grandparents. Are you going anywhere this summer?


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