Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hour of Code

Did you know that it is Code Week? I am doing more than an hour of code because it's just fun and it's creative and it's educational. It's learning. I like it!

First you start with Angry Birds, and when you get to level 13 or 14 it changes to Plants v Zombies. Then when you complete it you go to level two. Each level has 20 rounds of Blockly puzzles.

Tip: Sometimes I got frustrated because it was my first time because I said turn right, but it turned left. I didn't understand that my right was different from the Angry Bird's right. But what I did was get my stuffed animal and my mommy asked, which one is my right eye, then she asked which one is my animal's right eye, so then I could see it had to turn left (which was my right).

To brush my teeth, I made my mommy talk to me in code so I got there. It's really true! It was fun!

 What are you doing for Hour of Code?

If you are doing Hour of Code, do you like it?

Have you played with Blockly and Hour of Code yet? 

Do you think it is learning and fun?


  1. I went to Blockly and made this picture! What do you think?

  2. Hi Em! I like your blog. Come visit me at gillianreportfolio.blogspot.com!

  3. Dear Em,
    Cool blog! I love art too! Your Voki cute and cool!
    Oh, I am one of the Student Blogging Challenge participants. In my school we also did A Hour Of Code! Hope you can see my blog!
    Anika :)

  4. Dear Anika,

    I thought the Hour of Code was really fun. At first I was bored, then got angry, but then had lots of fun. Did you like it?


  5. can you be my friend and come to my blog and comment me and we are doing the hour of code.Alaha.


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