Saturday, March 15, 2014

About my state

I live in Arizona, in the USA. I'm going to tell you about my state seal.

If you look in the picture you can see miner, fields, the orchards, on the right side there is cattle, and behind the mountains there's a sun rising. These are all the five Cs in our state seal.

If you are wondering what the miner means, it means he mines for metal. The metal is copper. The fields give us cotton, and cotton makes clothes. The orchards grow fruit. The fruit makes us grow and be healthy. On the right side there is cows, and the cows is the cattle, which gives us milk and meat. The sun rising behind the hills gives us sunlight.


Different state seals looks very different than others. For example, the California one looks different than the Arizona one because it has different features. Arizona has five Cs.

What's your state seal?

What do you like about the Arizona State Seal?

Why do you think the state seals have different features?

This post was written for the Student Blogging Challenge #2


  1. G'day Em,
    We don't have a state seal but we have a coat of arms. Here is a website telling you about our Tasmanian emblems

    PS I think I saw all five of your C's when I visited Arizona.

  2. dear Em

    Your post is so cool. Please come check out my blog:

  3. Dear Em,

    What a terrific Arizona post! I love to learn about the fifty states.

    The California state seal is similar to the Arizona state seal. They both have a miner on them. It sounds like Arizona mines for copper, while California has mined for gold. California had a gold rush in 1849.

    Our state motto, Eureka, is on our state seal. It is Greek and means "I have found it."

    What are some other state emblems from Arizona?

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Hi Em,

    Thanks for telling us about your state seal!!

    --Ms. Velasco

  5. I really enjoyed the post that you posted.Now I know more about you!


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